Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Signing Off

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Working Hard and Renewing Visa

Brother and Sister Anderson of Sandy, UT

Another week came and gone way too fast.  Even though I felt like I just wrote I will write what I remember of this week... Me and my comp are still working super hard. We have lots of people who little by little are progressing. I think it is possible that we have around 4 baptisms within a month of Me leaving. My main goal now is to leave my area prepared for whoever will be coming in. I really feel like I have learned a lot in these past few weeks about sacrificing my will and being as obedient as I can until the end. 

On Monday me and all of the guys that will be going home had do go down to the capital, Santo Domingo, to renew our visas. It was a super fun trip. We got to sleep in the MTC building. We were all just walking down memory lane remembering our first days in the mission. We saw the new Elders and they all looked the same, scared and clueless.. haha They have no idea what waits for them in the next two years. We were all talking about how crazy fast the time went by and all of our different stories. Man, I realized that I really am going to miss the mission. The next day we spent the whole day waiting to go through and renew our visas. 

Today was an awesome last Pday. We went to this multi-millionaire's house and just chilled. From their house, you can see the ocean right behind this super pretty pool. It looked like something off a movie. I played tennis for the first time in three years and totally sucked it up.. Haha but it was super fun. Then the maids of the house made us super good food. Chicken rice and beans. I am going to miss it.. haha Well that's all that is going on with me. I can't wait to see you all and give you all a huge hug! Much love! 
Elder Morgan

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Saying Final Goodbye to Naugua

Heyo! Well, it is so crazy to think that after today I will only get to write only two more times.. Crazy. This past week was awesome. My companion, Elder Cabrero and I are super good friends.  It is weird but he has been my only American comp in the mission field.  We are working like crazy. At the end of a missionary's mission, the missionary either dies, which means they just don't work and sit at home thinking about home.. Or there is the missionary who is alive who works harder than ever before. I am proud to say that I am very alive. We have a few investigators who are progressing a lot. I know that I probably won't be here to see them get baptised, but I at least want to prepare this area as much as I can before I leave. 
Everything is going good. Wednesday was a bittersweet day for me. Elder Quesenberry and I went down to our first area, Nagua, to say our goodbyes. It was so great to see all of these people that I hadn't seen for over 14 months. Our time there was super short because we had to be back in Puerto Plata before 6 so we only were there for about 6 hours... It sucked because there were so many people that I wanted to see but didn't have the time to see them. Sister Dulce who was pretty much my mom cooked enough food to feed an army just for us two missionaries... She made rice, chicken, beans, spaghetti, avocado, bananas, salad, a 2 liter of natural cherry juice, and another 2 liter of sprite.... soooo much. No wonder I got fat in Nagua... haha But it was fun walking down memory lane with Quesenberry. We remembered all of our firsts. Our first lesson, our first dinner, our first shop where we bought our food. Two years has gone by super fast and in these last few weeks of me preparing to come back to the real word, it will all be bittersweet. I love the mission and all of the many things that I have seen and learned. I am so blessed in every aspect of my life and I have no idea why. I love you all and will see you soon!
Luv Elder Morgan

My First and Last American Companion

July 16, 2015

Well, only four weeks left.. Today was transfers and we found out that yesterday that my companion was changing areas. We were both pretty surprised because he only had about 2 months here. But we both know that wherever that we are sent to serve that is where the lord wants us to be. 
Now I am with my new and last companion. His name is Elder Cabrerro and is my first American companion. We have only been together for a few hours and are already good bros. He is from Cali so you can tell by that that he is a chill kid. I learned a lot from my last companion and am grateful for the time that we had together. 
This week was a pretty normal one. We are trying to work hard with the less actives that we have and also with our investigators. But at the end of it all you have to respect the person's agency and not force it. 
The American dentist came back this week so we have been helping them out again with translation and other things. It is so awesome for me to see people like these dentists who have plenty and come down here to share with the needy. I really hope that in my life I can also do the same and follow their example. One of the great powers is putting Jesus Christ as our perfect example. We start to always focus on others and not ourselves. Sometimes it is hard to be selfless sometimes but that is the great test, to fight and control the natural man. 
Well, again I feel like my battery has been recharged one last time so I can just go all out and give it my all these last four weeks. I know that this gospel changes the lives of the willing and humble. I love you all so much.
Luv Elder Morgan

Thursday, July 2, 2015


How are all of my RM bruthas doing?  Man, I love you all. 
This week was pretty good even though it was full of ups and downs. It is crazy that President Douglas ended his mission yesterday. He really was the perfect President for me. I learned so much from his and Sister Douglass teachings and examples. They really helped me become a better person. I am going to miss them a ton. Our new president's name is President Castillo. He is Dominican and is super young. He is in his low forties and has a young family. It is going to be weird to being use to an older couple and having it changed you a young family. I am going to meet him on Friday in the zone leader meeting that we will have. I have heard that he is a cool guy. 

So as for those ups and downs. Last week was really a miraculous week. Out of nowhere we just started finding people that were golden investigators and others that we have been working with were also doing great. Yesterday was one of the weirdest days that I have had on the mish. We had a meeting with a golden investigator in the afternoon that I have been looking forward to since the last time we met her. Then right before we went to her house we got a message from her saying that we couldn't teach her anymore because her grandpa doesn't want us to teach her. I was so bummed... Then we also had permission to go fishing from President and were going to go today, something that we have planned for weeks. The last minute the guy canceled... Soo bummed.. But, on the other hand, we do have lots of other investigators progressing. We also had a super fun Pday today at the beach. I felt like it was spring break 2012 all over again because there were so many youngins... 

I really love the mission because every day I see the power of God in the many mini-miracles that happen. I feel so blessed to be in the best mission in the world with so many awesome members. #BLESSED Well,  I love you all so much. As always enjoy your summer! HAGS
Love Elder Morgan

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"Aren't We All Beggars" Elder Jeffrey R Holland

June 24th, 2015

Heyyo! I want to start out by saying, Happy late Father's, Day Pap! Thanks for everything that you have done for me in my life. I love you and will always look up to you as my best example. 

This week was a pretty good one. We have been doing lots of splits with the missionaries in our zone to get to know them better and to help them out with whatever they need. Last Thursday we did one of the coolest services that I have done on the mission. As a zone, we went to a disabled children's care home. I didn't really think much of it before we left but when we got there I was so humbled by what I saw and heard. The director of the home said that there were 32 kids who were in the home. About 30 have disabilities so severe that they can't communicate. We went over to where they were and got to go interact with them for about an hour. Some of them would smile as you talk to them. Others were just sleeping. It was sad to see them in such poor conditions. It was super hot, there were flies that were flying all over their faces and some were just laying on the floor. It made me really think about life for a second. I really want to live my life so that I can help others. They told us that a few weeks ago that 2 of the residents had passed away. We spent the rest of the time counting diapers and doing an inventory on food and other supplies. 

We have also had a good week with finding some new people. This Sunday a less active family that we have been working super hard with came to church. I was soo happy to see them there! I just hope that they can keep on coming to church. We celebrated a birthday of a super sweet member last night. She turned 69 years old. Also yesterday when we were eating lunch we randomly saw a huge cloud of super black smoke. We ran over and saw that A wooden house had caught on fire. There were so many Dominicans with their phones  out filming. I just had to join them... haha I got a good selfie. 

Well this was pretty much my week. I love you all so much!
Luv Elder Morgan

American Dentists in Puerto Plata

June 18th, 2015

This week was a super fun/ activity-filled week. I don't know where to start.. We have had lots of FHEs with the members and investigators. We are trying to spend more time with the members to strengthen them so that they will have more confidence to work with us. 

This week we had a group of American dentists come to Puerto Plata and give free dental work to the members and non-members here. It was a great experience. We as missionaries got to go help translate, and contact people who came. It really was a huge help for the people here. The Dominicans are terrible with taking care of their teeth. From the time that they are young they eat lots of candy and drink lots of soda and don't clean their teeth.  Most have rotting teeth at a young age. Also the dentists here are using outdated practices and are expensive so people never go if they have problems.. 

The dentists who came were some of the coolest people. It was awesome to see them donate all of their time, equipment, and services to help these people. they were doing fillings, cavities, taking out teeth and lots of other stuff. On Monday, it was our day to go through. I was super confident going in knowing that I wouldn't have a cavity because in these last two years I have been brushing and flossing like crazy. So I go up to the dude who is checking what everyone has and...He found a cavity.... I was in shock.. haha He said it wasn't really preventable with brushing or flossing because it was in a little crevice in my tooth.. but they took care of it. Today was the last day that they worked on people. They are going home on Saturday. There is another group of dentists that will be coming in a month so that would be good. 

Yesterday I went with Elder Kunzler to visit an old area of his. It is called Jarabacoa. It was so cool to go and see because it is a little town up in the mountains. It didn't even feel like I was in the DR, it felt more like Oregon. 

We have been working super hard with a few little girls that have been taking the lessons from us.  On Tuesday, the mom said that they can't be baptized because they are Catholic and always will be.. I was pretty bummed.. We are always looking for new people to teach, but most people don't
want to hear anything... But I still have to work hard until the end! I love you all so much! HAGS.

Luv Elder Morgan